Pressurised device

Obtain a quote for your new pressurised device: use the calculator for any device with a height of less than 6 m, a diameter of less than 5 m and a maximum thickness of 20 mm for steel or 12 mm for stainless steel. For any other dimensions, contact us.

Quote for a pressurised device

Note: “Our prices include: the finished device including delivery, excluding unloading, insulation, and any accessories such as walkways, rails, etc.”

Manufacturing a pressurised device

STCN is an industrial sheet metal worker with over half a century of experience in compliance with European standards and SNCT codes (French union for sheet metal, piping and industrial maintenance workers).

We can support industrial operators in a range of business segments with the manufacture and maintenance of their pressurised devices according to the applicable standards.

We can organise both non-destructive (NDT) and other types of testing on our premises. We sub-contract paints and insulation.

Our project teams are qualified to install devices on industrial sites and our piping teams can also connect our products to existing piping networks.

Our teams are also qualified for large-scale repairs to pressurised devices or pulsation damper tanks

STCN applies over 250 welding procedure qualification processes.